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Caps for vial

All the products, from APcap are manufactured in our own plant according to the processes with the strict quality control.

AP Cap

A general-purpose vial container cap. After the resin of the upper surface has been removed, no perforated line remains on the surface and there is no risk that cotton is caught when the surface is wiped with cotton.


A general-purpose vial container cap and is suitable for terminal sterilization after capping on the vial.


Opened by pulling off the resin in the direction of the arrow on the upper surface.
The resin cap and the aluminum cap can be removed from the vial.


Cap type which is the rubber cap, aluminum cap, vial can be separated after the use.


At the time of disposal, the vial, rubber stopper and cap can easily be separated. It is a product enabling complete trash separation in consideration for environment.


Opened by pulling the pull-top on the upper surface (Cap type which is detached from the container). As it is constructed entirely from aluminum, at the time of disposal it can be completely separated into container, rubber stopper and cap and disposed of accordingly.

Cap with printed resin section

Necessary points are printed on the upper surface section of the resin, giving the product added value. To make clear differentiation by abundant color variations and various styles of printing.

Cap with printed aluminum saction

Points to be careful of at the time of use are printed on the aluminum section (the printed letters are predetermined), to promote correct use in the original print technology.

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We would prepare plastic bags and other packaging materials.
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